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Ankachain Solution is a blockchain startup company based in Lagos, Nigeria. registered business name with RC Number 2818705 we are focused on providing value driven solution using the distributed ledger technology.

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Ahmed Oladele is a software engineer, consultant, and small business owner currently living in Lagos, Nigeria. My interests range from programming to soccer(Chelsea FC). I am also interested in distributed technology, real estate, and gaming.

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Cardano Shelley Stakepool Operator

Ticker: ANQA

  • ANQA pool is a small stake pool running on VPS. we have one leader node and one passive node for failover and testing purpose, we are a Nigerian stakepool operator, currently hosted in Netherland and Finland. we hope to host locally in Lagos, Nigeria soon(expensive). Thank you for your support.

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With years of experience in information technology, we at Ankachain will combine our insights and skills to educate, promote blockchain adoption in the country and africa at large